GAN LU / 甘 露

b.1998, China.
Hong Kong based

Focusing on her self-growth and experience, her work manifests as a perceptive understanding of the methods of metaphor, simulation, and changing perspectives.

Selected Exhibition

2022 Leaping Refrain of La Vie - The 1st Nebula Project in La Vie Material Life Art Center (Shenzhen, CN)
2022 HKFORWORD22 - 10 Chancery Lane Gallery (HK)
2022 The Waste Land - SCM MFA graduation show - Run Run Shaw CMC (HK)

2021 Micro-RELATION LAB - 2021 Transculture Collabration Final Project Exhibition - OMS (Athens,GR)
2021 Saganaki on Ice - 2021 Transculture Collabration - Communitism (Athens,GR)
2021 Furment - SCM MFA show - Run Run Shaw CMC (HK)

2020 Painting for the Wind - The 23rd Workshop Project - OCT Boxes Art Museum (Foshan,CN)
2020 Touch on heat - The first exhibition of selected graduates of CAFA x GAFA (Guangzhou,CN)
2020 The choice of the graduation star in 2020 - OCAT Shenzhen OCT Harbour Exhibition Site – Boxes Art Space
2020 Dayi Sketch Award - The First Edition of the School of Painting and Drawing in GAFA (Guangzhou, CN)
2020 Wait and Hope - Da Vinci Talk - Te Kauhanganui o QBE Gallery (Auckland,NZ)
2020 GAFA Graduation Exhibition - GAFA online Art museum

2019 Visual Games - Foshan Guicheng Art Museum (Foshan,CN)

2018 東方·來信 Inter-Youth - China Academic of Fine Art Museum (Hangzhou,CN)
2018 Ritz’s Dream (solo) - The Fifth Studio Exhibition Hall of GAFA (Guangzhou,CN)

2017 the Fifth Studio - the Art Museum of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts (Guangzhou,CN)


Oil Painting - Guangzhou Academic of Fine Art
Creative Media - SCM CityU HK
SCM Hong Kong - ZHdK Switzerland transcultural collaboration exchange programme - Athens,GR